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Why choose me ?

Firstly, an enduring audio mastering client relationship has value. Therefore there is great merit in working with an audio mastering engineer as part of your sonic production team. Just some of the benefits that come with working with myself as a partnership on your music, in conclusion

  • 1T £30.00 / 4T EP £112.00 / Album of 10-12 Tracks £230.00
  • 23 years experience and truly mastering grade room and equipment.
  • 13 years dedicated to mastering.
  • Real acoustic treatment here (foam in corners is not a bass trap, ineffectual)
  • Greatly superior results compared to automated services.
  • Free mix appraisal pre-mastering if requested.
  • Specific advice based on intended purposes.
  • Consistency of sound and QC (click and glitch removal) for all your releases.
  • Knowing your music is in safe, respectful hands, maximizing your sonic potential.
  • Quality control of your music releases with lowest price, serious proposition mastering.
  • Experience, service and high end results at very affordable prices.
  • Advice before the job and therefore mix improvements if required.
  • Long term professional engineering with extensive and respected clients list.