Mastering Techno

Analogue equipment for mastering techno

Mastering techno music requires a refined ear and high end equipment housed in a very accurate room. Techno mastering as with many forms of dance music benefits from full range monitoring, this allows me to truly understand what is happening with your kick drum and bass line. The accurate bass response will allow equalization to gently carve the perfect result that will translate correctly to a club situation and beyond. As you can see in some of the following images the room has very deep and copious bass trapping to ensure the low frequency response is flat to 25Hz.

1 Track = £30.00 Full pricing on this page:

Ideally for techno mastering you need a powerful yet controlled kick and bass interaction that gets the crowd moving and hypnotised. Using PMC IB1S (3 way large format speakers, 10 inch carbon fibre woofer, silk soft dome mid range and a silk tweeter) that go to 25Hz allows a deep insight into the sound from top to bottom, a high definition mid range dome driver and super quality soft dome silk tweeter allows all the details to be heard in your music.

PMC IB1S Large format mastering monitors

I use a Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC which has the lowest jitter specifications of any DAC currently on the market, this means the sound produced when reproducing your Techno tracks will be detailed, defined and accurate. This allows me to use both analogue and digital tools to their greatest effect. I will be able to get your music spectrally well balanced so it will translate across all the sound systems it will encounter. I also have Hypex amplifiers (industry standard mastering amplification), very clean, fast transient response, detailed and with plenty of power courtesy of the 500 watts per channel output per channel.

Mastering Techno video

When mastering techno, the track will be listened to, to ensure there are no defects such as clicks, glitches and other audio errors and the track will transparently be brought up to the correct perceived volume that will work for clubs and also sound good on music streaming services.

I will be using the best analogue and digital equalization and compression available to bring out the power, punch, clarity, detail, and enhance the width and depth in your music.

Avantone Mix Cube for mid range translation checks

Mastering techno music means choosing the right mastering engineer, at SafeandSound online mastering I am the sole engineer who will personally master your music and have 10 years of mastering experience along with 10 years prior professional audio engineering employment. The experience was gained by working in a production facility in London as the head of engineering. In addition I also produce my own dance music (closely related to techno). So for mastering techno music I suggest you take advantage of my low rates and included offer of a free mix appraisal (if requested) once a job is proceeding. Revisions are free within reason so you will be satisfied with the end results.

Nord Hypex Amplifier

The ideal file format for you to create is 24 bit mix (.wav or .aiff) with no clipping or limiting on the DAW when exporting/bouncing your final mix down. Please keep the sample rate of your DAW project. You are more than welcome to provide an mp3 of a track you aspire to, to give me an idea of your anticipated perceived volume requirements. Mastering techno at SafeandSound will produce a high end result at a low price.

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