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Song mastering

Song mastering

Song mastering £30.00 | 2 Song Mastering £60.00 | 4 Song Mastering (EP) £112.00 no tax added. Allow me to exceed your expectations.

Safe&Sound budget song mastering works not only with album and E.P. releases but also individual tracks. Even if you only have a single song for mastering it will receive exactly the same care and attention as a full album. Mastering at Safe&Sound ensures the best quality advice and results and has one of the lowest truly professional mastering rates for a single track. As you can see from the website this budget song mastering rate includes mastering standard monitoring PMC IB1S, highly experienced audio engineer with substantial client list, high end analogue equipment and the best ear selected software available. (Mix appraisal inclusive when requested)

Your music will be in experienced hands, we are in our 10th year of operation:

Mastering engineer biog, testimonials, professional experience and clients list

Do not let the low rate sway you away, you maybe looking for high end mastering services and expect to be paying much more. Well I suggest giving Safe&Sound Mastering a try. For your song mastering you can simply send the track using and I will create a free track mastering preview which you can compare against other more costly song mastering facilities. (time permitting)

When you come to choose your song mastering you want to know what equipment is being used and at Safe&Sound you can see quality audio equipment is employed as opposed to the photo-less graphics and text based websites that are springing up. I appreciate that musicians, bands, producers and record labels are wise to faceless websites and therefore show what equipment I am using.

The process of song mastering includes :

Equalization / compression / limiting other processing using out high end analogue equipment, PMC IB1S, Manley Massive Passive (hardware), Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC, Summit Audio DCL-200, Sontec custom analogue equalizer, Vari mu compressor. We can correct and enhance you songs so they sound as good as possible before release.

Increase of perceived level if required and bespoke mastering for MFiT and other compressed formats (inquire at time you book your job)

Fully equipped high end analogue rack.

Judgement of a highly experienced audio engineer through audiophile grade equipment.

Quality control check for sonic defects through audiophile headphones/amplifier.

Contact: Barry (at being @) tel 0044 (0)7810271371 The best service for your track mastering.

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