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Reasons why I am the best audio mastering option for your music in 2023 onwards

A slightly fun blog entry this time, I have been mastering for 13 years and was a professional employed audio engineer for 10 years prior working in London with a very large audio/radio/ video production company much of which as Head of engineering. (Somethin’ Else). Check my biog further down the page.


This knowledge is ready to be applied to your musical productions. I wanted to write an entry that will help you to choose myself for mastering your forthcoming musical projects. Whether you are a label owner, a band, mix engineer, solo artist or independent musician. I cannot help but imagine you are looking for excellent quality mastering results from a specialized professional at a very affordable price. So here we go…….


If you have £1,000-3,000.00 budget and are employing a fairly big name mastering engineer you can afford £230.00 for an album to be mastered here and have it completed most likely within 1 week to 10 days (typical turnaround for an album) Why ?

  1. Same high end monitoring and room, 13 years specialism, solely mastering (and trusted)
  2. Same analogue equipment and I have my finger on the pulse for all new software tools
  3. Relatively fast turnaround
  4. You could well use my masters for your main release, the results here are uncompromising
  5. Even if you are a major pop artist or label you should not be taking expensive mastering for granted. Masters delivered within a week typical, compare them with the big $$$$ mastering engineers. I take my craft very seriously.
  6. PMC IB1S 3 way mastering grade (10 inch woofer, flat to 25Hz in room) Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC – as good as DACs that have sold for £10,000.00 – Hypex amps – I don’t mess around, everything is actually mastering grade here. You see what you get all over this website. That is how it should be.

It will double check your big name mastering is as good as you or your label thinks expensive mastering is. There is a high probability you will use my masters for the main release. I work with EVERY type of music with ease, pop, dance, rock, acoustic and underground styles. High price does not guarantee a great job in the mastering industry, not to mention you get great masters to listen to whilst you wait in the “big name mastering” queue. Make sure your expensive mastering engineer is providing real value to you or your label.



Lowest prices of any serious mastering engineer proposition – album rate is superb. £230.00 for up to 12 tracks, Single track £30.00, EP’s £60/£90/£112 (2/3/4 tracks respectively). Always working to keep my rates as low as possible for the industry whilst producing world class results. (with no compromises) Your musical creativity deserves to be presented in its best possible light.

13 years solely dedicated to mastering music – this is real mastering, dedicated and focused… not a bolt on service with little near field monitors. I am a mastering specialist ready to take your music to its highest sonic potential. No desperate (and probably not very good) mixing engineer here, adding mastering services.

10 years prior full time employed audio engineering experience. Fully employed professional audio engineering experience after leaving London based audio training. Trained for 3 years by a former BBC studio manager.

I show myself, the superb acoustically treated room and my equipment in videos, you see what you get. Even in 2023 some mastering studios do not show themselves or their facility properly. Alarm bells should ring. If they are going to charge you significantly more than myself the very least they can do is show their high end kit in situ. It is frankly ridiculous to request good money and not show your clients that your equipment is mastering grade, irrelevant of the excuse.

My BIOG and sound engineering credentials :

Applying long term relevant experience going way above others who often charge more to your music.

Recorded world class musicians (see biog page)

Mastered award winning albums


You may be used to spending £48.00 – £120.00 per track my rates here are


1 Track £30.00 and a 12 track Album £230.00superb results, amazing rates.

10’s of thousands of tracks mastered over 13 years.

Mastered albums for well known musicians.

No trainee engineers or students learning on the job. I perform all mastering on your music.

Inclusive mix appraisal if requested – and a double check anyway if something out of the ordinary is heard

I specialize in mastering not just add it onto a mixing service. (I master music day in day out)

Providing low cost, world class mastering, helping musicians, bands, labels with their music for a great price. Supporting talent in the music industry working with new musicians, those progressing and highly respected professional musicians.

Capable of working with any genre of music with ease. Highly skilled internal reference for all genres.

Respectful, friendly approach to clients from every part of the globe

Fully across perceived volume options for all genres and streaming optimization / volume normalization systems. And also the requirements for loud mastering of various dance genres.

Free inclusive mix appraisal (when requested) and feedback if anything is worth double checking in your mixes

Produce my own underground electronic and pop music (a self confessed “synth head”) also play guitar in spare time. (Steinberger guitar) Line 6 Pod – I can communicate effectively with regards remedial issues if needed, as I make music myself.

Honest, clear responses to what I hear – to assist with improvement of sound

Friendly, yet direct approach and clear communications regarding goals and end results

Very much a profession focused individual with great pride in my work.

Superb, treated acoustic space flat to 25Hz (large high end mastering grade monitors)

High end analogue and digital tools. Crane Song Quantum DAC, arguably the best in the world. Mytek ADC.

Continual evaluation and purchase of new digital tools.


I did not just leave an audio engineering school or some other completely unrelated profession and decide to become a mastering engineer. (some did). I “cross faded” so to speak between being a professional freelance audio engineer working in London studios (after 10 years employed sound engineer career) to becoming a mastering engineer. This was after some mastering specific experiences in my full time employed role as head of engineering. I have been sound engineering professionally for a long time now.

Large format mastering grade monitoring PMC IB1S (10inch bass driver soft dome mid range)
HYPEX amplification 1 Kilowatt of power – every detail of your music heard. No silly billy mastering on nearfields !!! (any mastering pro knows that does NOT cut it in the world of pro mastering.)

Sommer / Vanne Damme / Neutrik gold plated – signal paths

Always priced myself super competitively, earning a humble living – helping support musicians and labels on tight budgets, whilst making everyone’s music sound better. Super passionate about my work and taking your music to its highest potential.

I take my work very seriously, surprise yourself and save money.

High degree of quality control before delivery – high end headphone amplifier (clicks, glitches, vocal pops/mouth clicks etc.)

Timely turnaround on all sensible delivery expectations

Pre mastering response if required, advice if needed

Quite possibly better results than mastering engineers charging much, much more

Efficient approach to all work with paying clients. Payment at the time you send your tracks ensures efficient and fair, queued focus on your mastering job and less time spent on less serious inquiries.


Stem mastering option available at just £56.00

INTEL i7 and i9 12900K custom built PC workstations with high end components

A highly informative FAQ page answering many questions and streamlining the mastering process for you :


Far superior results over automated mastering. You release a track once, make it count.


Ready to start our working relationship ?… Pricing and payment on this page :


Do not hesitate to get in contact for your next project, email Barry at : safeandsound123at or call on 0044 (0)7810 271371

Together we can achieve superb results and save you a lot of money.