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Professional Mastering

1 Track £30.00 | 4 track EP £112.00 | Album £230.00 no tax added.

Allow me to exceed your expectations.

Professional mastering at Safe&Sound will make your music tracks stand out amongst the crowd and ensure they sound as good as possible across a wide range of playback systems. Providing the finishing touches to your tracks can add value. Using the finest analogue and digital audio equipment and objective, skilled listening techniques. Defining professional mastering is easy….. the studio should be operated by a highly experienced engineer with many years of pro audio engineering experience. (Mix appraisal inclusive when requested)

For professional mastering the studio must have high resolution, large format, mastering capable monitors and acoustics. In addition the studio should be dedicated to mastering and should show their analogue equipment on the site. High end analogue equipment should be used in order to provide the best possible sonic results for clients. Analogue equipment gives an insight into the listening acuity of the engineer and a “no stone unturned” philosophy in sound manipulation and reproduction. Professional analogue mastering is an investment in your music releases taking them to the highest sonic potential.

A short video about professional mastering :

professional mastering equipment

Professional mastering by Barry Gardner

At Safe&Sound I offer professional mastering at highly competitive rates. If you are uncertain about the balance of your mix don’t worry, take advantage of your all inclusive mix feedback (if requested). I can offer balance and equalization suggestions which will end up producing even better mastering end results. I know happy clients are return clients.

Check out our analogue rack video:

More than 23 years of professional audio engineering experience… see the biog details and extensive clients list here:

Example professional mastering rates :

  1. 1 Track £30.00
  2. 4 Track EP £112.00

Album 10 to 12 tracks £230.00

( A PA or instrumental version of the same mix is included free of charge !)

Equipped for real results :

We do not hide behind unrelated photographs and graphics, we have the gear to do the job right. To enhance and correct your music tracks I use the best in analogue and digital technology and give them the best chance of success in a competitive music industry.

Analogue mastering equipment :

MANLEY Massive Passive (Hardware)

Elysia – Class A analogue equalizer

SONTEC custom built stereo ganged mastering equalizer

SUMMIT AUDIO DCL-200 Valve compressor (Jensen 990 opamps)

HCL Vari Mu VARIS – valve compressor

PMC IB1S full range monitors

Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC (lowest ever published jitter spec)

How to proceed :

Safe&Sound professional mastering services are easy to use… in short, send us your 24 bit depth and above, un-clipped and un-limited stereo interleaved .wavs and .aiffs (6dB headroom above peaks is ideal) using Wetransfer and email : Safe& (at being @ with no gaps)

Please read the FAQ page in full for lots of very useful information on how to prepare your tracks for professional mastering services:

Turnaround time varies but as a rough guide an album takes 1 week – 10 days, an EP 4 -5 days and singles 2-3 working days. These estimates can change depending on busyness at the time you make payment and submit tracks (and the efficiency of file preparation/delivery and approval of masters) so if you have a deadline drop me a line.

The goal of professional mastering is to make your music tracks sound as good as they possibly can. I understand that mastering can involve personal taste and will incorporate that into the service as well as aim for best system translation. I will also take in to account your perceived volume goals. The more information you can supply about your mastering goals the more efficient and pleasing the results.

I understand your music production is a unique creative statement and each track and set of tracks will be treated with care and attention with regard to subjective enhancement and quality control. You can be sure your music is in safe hands and that a combination of the best analogue and digital equipment will be employed to produce the best possible end result. Professional mastering will consider the tone, stereo image, fidelity, clarity, perceived volume, punch and power of your track to produce a master that produces the most balanced and subjectively good sound across multiple audio systems.

I aim to make the best masters possible using the best equipment and at the lowest (serious mastering studio) rates in the UK.

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