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Online mastering studio

Online mastering studio

Safe&Sound Mastering is an online mastering studio with the best prices and best sonic results.

Example rates : 1 T £30.00 | 4T EP £112.00 | Album £230.00 (10-12 tracks) no tax added.

Allow me to exceed your expectations.

The studio is operated by mastering engineer Barry Gardner. The mastering studio is equipped with the best analogue and digital tools to bring your music to its full sonic potential. I will ensure your music sounds as good as possible when it is released for streaming, CD or DJ play out.

I have been a full time audio professional for 23 years. (13 solely online mastering) Assure yourself by checking the recent clients and testimonials list and engineering biog. Your music is in safe and professional hands. I provide high end low cost mastering. The studio is based in London, UK and has many clients from around the world.

Extensive client list and testimonials

Prepare for mastering by reading this online mastering studio website it has a wealth of highly useful information. Please have a read of the mastering FAQ. (Frequently asked questions page)

A short video about the studio :

The studio

The online mastering studio uses the best equipment possible, large format PMC IB1S (3 way – 10inch woofers flat to 25Hz). High end analogue equipment such as MANLEY Massive Passive, HCL VARiS Vari mu, Summit Audio DCL-200 Valve compressor. A Sontec inspired custom mastering eq and Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC (lowest jitter in the world). In addition, an ear selected high quality software suite from quality software developers.

Furthermore, working with all music styles I can achieve the sound you desire. I also offer paying clients free mix appraisal service inclusive of the low price. Therefore, you get low cost mastering, high end equipment and a highly experienced engineer.

Online mastering studio example rates:
1 Track £30.00
2 Tracks £60.00
4 Track EP £ 112.00
Album Rate (10 to 12 tracks) £230.00

Further information

Free mix appraisal is inclusive if requested and free revisions within reason. The studio specializes in mastering audio and I do not offer mixing services. Similarly, the studio is set up as a dedicated online mastering studio which provides optimal acoustic and technical conditions for best translation of your music to many different reproduction systems. I produce audio masters of exceptional clarity, depth, punch and fidelity. Above all, this equipment and engineering experience is applied to your music yet it remains a competitive priced online mastering studio.

23 years of pro engineering experience

I have been the full time head of engineering at one of the UK’s largest audio production companies and my work has included direct to stereo recording of many well known artists (see engineer experience page), live music recordings, large scale outside broadcast management, mixing 1,000’s of BBC radio programmes and of course mastering audio for the past 12 years.

In addition, the online mastering studio has an international and varied musical genre client base and is capable of ensuring your music is presented in the best possible way for broadcast, online digital distribution and CD release. I have mastered the following genres, rock, folk, house, dubstep, country, acoustic,  trap, EDM, trance, ambient, drum and bass, techno, reggae, electronica, drone, experimental, soul, heavy metal, punk, hip hop and everything in between.

In conclusion

Therefore, choose an online mastering studio with care, check that your engineer has a long and verified career in professional audio engineering. An online mastering studio should be proud of their equipment when listed so be sure to choose online mastering services that show their audio gear in a photo with the equipment.

Please send your 24 bit depth, non limited / non clipped tracks using :

Contact :

Do not hesitate to get in contact by phone even though I am an online based service I like to hear from our clients, current and new. However, email is the easiest way to communicate details. It can be reassuring to speak to an engineer who knows their field in a world of dubious online mastering studio services. (replace ‘at’ with @ no gaps)
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Safe&Sound online mastering studio, best rates and best results. Low cost mastering with the results you want.