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Online mastering services

Online mastering services

1 Track £30 / 4T EP £112 / Album £230 no tax added.

Allow me to exceed your expectations.

Safe&Sound online mastering services can make your music sound as good as it possibly can using high end analogue equipment. The studio has operated as a dedicated online mastering service for the last 12 years. Sole income derived from mastering. Engineer Barry Gardner has 22 years of professional audio engineering experience. The studio is based in London England and has an extensive global client base. (Mix appraisal inclusive when requested)

Engineer credentials and extensive clients list

I will add depth, space, detail and presence to your tracks as well as ensuring the music reproduces well on all systems. Your music tracks will sound as good as possible reaching their full sonic potential. In addition, I offer free mix appraisal inclusive in the price (if requested) and my online mastering service uses PMC IB1S (10 inch drivers down to 25Hz) , Manley Massive Passive hardware, Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC, Summit Audio DCL-200, Sontec analogue custom EQ, HCL VARiS Vari mu compressor. In addition, I use an ear selected set of plug ins from all of the main developers.


A short online mastering services video:

I can sonically enhance your music, add that subtle analogue quality to your music and I am competent with all music genres. Online mastering engineer Barry Gardner will apply his in depth audio engineering experience to enhance your music before release.

Payments can be made on this page:

You can deliver files of up to 2GB using

Please deliver your audio files as 24 bit unlimited/unclipped .wav or .aiff files at your project sample rate.

Full details on submitting files and preparation on the FAQ Page below:

At Safe&Sound mastering I show the room and equipment used, therefore I suggest you make a wise decision and only use an online mastering service that shows their equipment, engineering experience, clients list and room. You are choosing an engineer with 23 years of pro experience.

When you need a high quality dedicated online mastering engineer (online mastering services are not a side line to mixing like some studios) look no further.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information or a friendly chat regarding your online mastering project. Free preview available (time permitting)

Contact :

Barry 0(zero)781 0271371 Email to (at is an @ symbol) Us the above email for sending files using a file transfer service (Do not attach file to email it will be too large)

High quality, low cost, online mastering services.