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Safe&Sound online mastering

Safe&Sound online mastering

DJ Dirty Law (Paris) ” Thanks for this mastering, I’ve been playing it all week on a Funktion1 system, sounds really nice, thanks !! ”

1 Track £30.00 | 4 Track EP £112.00 | Album £230.00 no tax added (mix appraisal inclusive, if required) Allow me to exceed your expectations.

Online mastering is convenient, cost effective and by choosing Safe&Sound mastering you are choosing to maximize your sonic potential. A highly experienced engineer, 12 years solely mastering and 10 years professional sound engineering. High end analogue equipment and the best results for your music. Only choose online mastering that shows pictures of their equipment ‘in situ’ and has an extensive client list.

You will be pleased to learn my online mastering prices are as advertised and the services are dedicated to mastering online. And not supplementary to a mix studio. Sole income is derived from mastering music. I am based in London, UK and serve clients globally. Enjoy the site….

That which sets one mastering engineer apart from another above equipment and room, is skill, knowledge, client list and employed professional engineering experience.

Biog and approach

Barry Gardner 20 years of mastering and engineering experience

World class online mastering from an engineer who has recorded many well known musicians. Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), Craig David, Lemar, The Coral, The Hoosiers, Chick Corea and many others. Safe&Sound mastering has a reputation for quality and many repeat clients. Barry Gardner has long term professional audio engineering experience and many clients.

Online mastering with myself will ensure your music sounds the best it possibly can and will translate properly to all reproduction systems. You will receive the same high quality work as if you were attending the studio session and receive audio files for approval.

I use the finest analogue and digital mastering tools available. Including PMC IB1S, large format loudspeakers with 10 inch drivers that go to 25Hz, MANLEY Massive Passive Hardware, Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC, HCL Vari Mu, Sontec custom analogue EQ, Summit Audio DCL 200. The studio has full acoustic treatment with a total of 28 huge bass traps, tailored to the room for an accurate and neutral response.

Here is an online mastering “Fast Facts” video :

Clients list and testimonials

The procedure of online mastering

I can master all genres of music and offer a free inclusive mix appraisal if requested. For CD release I can provide DDP’s. In addition I am fully aware of how to online master music for streaming services. My mastering will incorporate enhancements to the audio based on the genre of music and any input from the client.

The goal of online mastering is to take your music to its full sonic potential. Improving clarity, punch, depth, width, definition and ensuring the master files are glitch free. Please read the Mastering FAQ page as it contains a wealth of relevant information.

Send your track using and use email address : (at being @) Being an online mastering studio does not mean I do not want to hear from you so why not call 07810 271371 for a friendly chat about your online mastering project.

When you prepare for mastering please ensure that the mix you have made is the very best you can do. 24 bit, no limiter, no clipping. If you plan to release specifically for streaming services please let me know. At this time streaming services utilize volume normalization and this can be taken into consideration. Safe&Sound online mastering will be a valuable partner in your musical pursuits. I ensure world class results and add quality and value to your music.

Click here for our FAQ page with lots of info on mastering preparation and free preview :

Mastering frequently asked questions

Here is a short video documenting the studio, please note this video is 8 years old. There has been many upgrades to acoustics, software and equipment since the video was made.

Condensed, useful and informative online mastering answers

Please send 24 bit (32 bit float also ok) music mixes, at your project sample rate, no limiters or clipping of the output. Precise headroom below 0dBFS is not critical as long as there is no clipping, (squaring off of peaks in audio).

You can leave compression on if just for tone or gentle dynamic enhancement. If used for only perceived volume increase please remove.

Check through actual bounced music file and check for clicks. (especially in vocals, ends of phrases, synth envelopes), abrupt file starts (cut off instruments) –  Ensure enough time at end to allow natural decays.

Turnaround approx 1-2 days for 1 Track, 3-4 days for an EP and 1 week for an album.

Feel free to supply 1 reference for perceived volume expectations. I generally tailor perceived volume based on genre norms, intended purpose, streaming considerations, and what your mix can take.

Mix appraisal is inclusive if required, just ask in email.

Provision of any notes, concerns, requirements welcome.

I do not mix, I have specialized in online mastering. I do not need to add mixing services as I solely earn my living from Mastering.

Standard master format 16 bit 44.1kHz, please advise on other requirements before online mastering job starts.

Provide ISR codes (ISRC) if broadcast .wav embedding required.


Payment schedules all online mastering jobs. This keeps focus on paid jobs, speeds up turnaround, respects all actual clients and has worked perfectly for longer than a decade.

Send tracks using, inserting my email,  it will automatically zip your files. Add notes into upload box if needed.

Revisions are free, resubs (other than the ones after mix feedback) carry a small fee.

Please request mix appraisal if required at start of online mastering job.

I do have a fast turnaround option, please just ask.

Service summary

Safe&Sound online mastering has the capability to turn good mixes into great masters. I provide a serious professional proposition in experience, equipment and acoustics for an unbeatable rate, my quality control is world class.  Using high quality loudspeakers, high end analogue equipment, superb clarity DA (Crane Song Quantum DAC, lowest jitter spec of any DAC in the pro audio world). Mytek AD conversion, ear selected digital tools and a full acoustic treatment in room your music will get the specific attention it deserves.

The studio has no less than 28 bass traps from various materials (RW3/RW45) producing an accurate and defined bass response to 25Hz. The detail and clarity produced by the PMC IB1S, Crane Song Quantam DAC and Hypex amplification means I can hear it all. There is a sole engineer and your track will be mastered by myself Barry Gardner, no trainee engineers.  I compete against much costlier mastering services on skill and experience, room acoustics, equipment, pricing and resultant sound quality. Payments can be made by Paypal on the pricing and payment page.

Online mastering uk contact Tel: 00 44 (0)7810271371

Operated by mastering engineer Barry Gardner in the United Kingdom.