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Mastering Techno

Mastering Techno

Mastering techno and tech house music requires a refined ear from an experienced mastering engineer I have 23 years pro, employed sound engineering experience (13 solely mastering). At Safe&Sound Mastering I use full range 3 way mastering grade PMC IB1S monitors (10 inch drivers) which allow accurate sonic judgements to be made on your music. Powered by Hypex amplifiers the monitoring is accurate to 25Hz. Housed in a fully treated room with 28 bass traps, absorbers and diffusors. High end analogue equipment and the precision of software allows sonic tweaks to be made that add up to a sum greater than their parts.

Example rates : 1 T £30.00 | 4T EP £112.00 | Album £230.00 (10-12 tracks) no tax added

Karakum Ashgabat (German live Techno band) mastered here check it out online.

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Barry Gardner has 23 years of professional audio engineering experience ready to be applied to your music so your track translates as well as possible to all the sound systems it is played on. Included in the price of mastering techno is a free mix appraisal, once a mastering job has been paid for I will listen to your mix and respond with any suggested tweaks that will help produce a better mastered end result. This is a very popular service and has helped many clients over the 12 years the studio has been operating. Take your music to its highest sonic potential.

The analogue rack includes a Manley Massive Passive, Summit Audio DCL-200 valve compressor, an HCL Varis vari mu compressor and a Sontec clone equalizer, Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC (lowest jitter spec of any DAC in existence) and a Mytek ADC.

Mastering techno music

Mastering techno music and mastering tech house needs a refined approach to ensure that the kick and bass is optimized for translation to large club systems and smaller playback devices. In addition the mid range and highs must be articulate and clear without harshness. The goal is to bring out the clarity and detail in your music to allow it to reach its full potential when released with depth, power and punch. Retaining the deep atmospheric sound will also be critical. Whether you are a record label or an independent artist you will benefit from a meticulous approach to quality control before your track is released. Mastering techno also requires special focus on the drive and rhythm to keep a forward moving hypnotic effect for your listeners.

A short video on mastering techno:

1 Track = £30.00, no tax added Please Check Full pricing

Ideally for mastering techno you need a powerful and hypnotic kick and bass interaction that is deep yet controlled. Ultimately this is high impact dance music and you want the crowd hypnotised and moving on the dancefloor. I will be listening carefully and make tonal, dynamic, stereo image, transparent perceived volume adjustments to your music to make it sound as good as it possibly can. When mastering techno I will enhance the punch, clarity, detail and width of your music. In addition quality control includes careful listening to catch and defects such as glitches and clicks. The PMC IB1S is a large format speaker, 3 way with 10 inch carbon fibre woofer, 3 inch silk dome mid range and a 1 inch silk ferrofluid cooled tweeter. In room they go to 25Hz and this allows a deep presentation of the sound from highs to lows. Superb definition mid range dome driver and super quality soft dome silk tweeter allows all the details to be heard in your music. Hypex amplifiers are the closest to a technically perfect amplifier and control the PMC monitors with ease.

Delivery requirements for mastering techno

I need 24 bit depth files (minimum) for mastering, stereo interleaved .wav or .aiff files with no clipping or limiting on the master outputs. If you have used a compressor on your master output doing few dB of gain reduction that is usually fine. You can do a before and after check by carefully matching the make up gain (by ear to match before and after volumes precisely) and switching the compressor in and out to hear if the compressor is really enhancing the sound. Please send your file at the sample rate of your DAW session/project. You can send your files using

I look forwards to hearing your tracks.

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