Mastering Synth Music

Mastering synth music is ideally performed by a synthesizer enthusiast, whose profession is full time mastering. You have just come to the right site for mastering synth music. Firstly a few words about my general professional audio engineering background. I have worked in an audio production company as a full time employed sound engineer for 10 years and for the last decade have been working solely as a mastering engineer.

Mastering synth music can be a little different from mastering other styles of music. Synth music is very wide ranging, it can be highly experimental, very melodic with complex arrangements and musical progressions, cinematic, synth pop, it can be ambient, from the Berlin school, dance music infused, synthwave, hypnotic, psychedelic, electro, retro, it may even contain a nod out of respect to your favorite synth band and off course it can be highly atmospheric and other worldly. It might be purist synth music with only analogue synths or a mix of digital hardware, analogue and soft synths. Music produced by synths can have one trait that can appear in any form of synthesizer music and that is a energy at the extremes of the frequency spectrum, both lows and highs. This is something I especially check for when it comes to synth music, doubly so for that which may be destined for a vinyl release.

A short video about mastering synth music :

In my spare time I am a synth enthusiast, I can speak oscillators, LFOs, envelopes, filters, parameter sweet spots, modulation matrices, wavetables, WT scanning, granular, sync, PWM, formant, additive, vowel, S&H etc. You are in good hands as a synth enthusiast and as a mastering engineer for 10 years (10 years as pro audio engineer prior)  it is time you tried my affordable mastering services for your synth music. In spare time there is little I like more than getting lost in synth routing and making magical sounds on the 20 or so soft synths I own and love. I know that feeling you also enjoy when making evocative, imaginative, vision inspiring sounds and music. It is a very special sonic space to enjoy and be productive. (I have also owned many analogue/hardware synths in the past, including Novation Bass station, Sh-101, Cheetah MS6, Juno-106, Deep bass 9 etc.) A few of my current faves are U-He Repro-1, Diva, Parawave Rapid, DUNE 3, NI Massive and Massive X, Serum, VPS Avenger, Virus TI, Viper, Sunrizer, Sylenth1, Tal-U-No-LX. I am intimately familiar with the sonic signature of all these soft synths and many analogue/hardware synths.

mastering synthesizer music

The studio and monitoring :

Whatever the style of your synth music I have a very good internal reference for style and genre so know what to do when I play your music back on the full range PMC IB1S speakers powered by 500WPC Hypex amps. They are a 3 driver high end model (not near fields) have 10 inch drivers with transmission line technology to hear down to 25Hz. I use a Crane Song Solaris Quatum DAC (Mytek ADC) for extremely detailed sonic reproduction. The room is very well treated and linear utilizing 28 mineral wool/fibre glass bass traps of correct depth, quantity and density, diffusors and absorbers. When I hear your music through this exemplary sound system I will be able to make tonal, dynamic, stereo image adjustments to ensure your synth music sounds stellar when played on any system. Multiple tweaks (sometimes small and sometimes larger) to bring out the maximum potential of your synth music. I am fully conversant with volume normalization and streaming platform requirements. In mastering I can make your synth music wider, richer, more detailed and produce a greater impact on your listeners.

Whether you are starting out or if you are a professional composer I can improve, enhance and quality control check your music. Mastering synth music by a professional who is deeply interested and serious about synth music and all audio. When I work, I of course listen to the whole but whilst doing so pay special attention to resonances and filter sweeps, high frequency percussive elements to ensure that harshness and spiky behaviour does not cause any playback issues and DC offsets. In addition quality control is very important listening for envelope clicking, and general edit and production clicks and glitches. I consider both how the music will reproduce on large and small systems (within reason relative to the spectral content of your mixes.) and produce masters that translate well. I am all ears when it comes to your input so please do provide any concise and useful thoughts and concerns about your synth music mastering.

I am equipped with both high end analogue and only the best, precise corrective DSP. No expense is spared on any factor of my tool set, you get the ultimate in digital and analogue and monitoring technology.

I provide a serious mastering proposition at superb rates.

Example rates : 1T £30.00 | 4T EP £90.00 | Album 12T £210.00 | DDP £25.00

Do not hesitate to get in contact for mastering synth music.

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