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Mastering Jazz

If you are looking for a highly experienced engineer for mastering jazz music then you are in the right place. My former employment was as a sound engineer working on the critically acclaimed BBC radio jazz programme – Jazz on 3 (BBC Radio 3) for around 5 years of its existence. As a sound engineer I have recorded many jazz musicians in the studio for the radio programme. In addition, I have heard countless live and commercially recorded jazz productions in a studio environment. Here are just some of the well known jazz musicians I have recorded:

Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Avishai Cohen, Tim Garland, Reid Anderson, Keith Tippet, Sun Ra’s Arkestra, , Luisito Quintero, Steve Lehman Trio, Steve Noble and Raymond McDonald, Wolfgang Muthspiel, John Hollenbeck, Soweto Kinch, Jason Yarde, Bosco D’olivera, Terry Callier.

Perfectly placed for mastering jazz I have a total of 22 years of sound engineering experience. 10 years working for the largest independent audio/radio production company in London (eventually as head sound engineer). For the last 13 years I have been successfully operating SafeandSound Mastering.

Example rates : 1T £30.00 | 4T EP £112.00 | Album 10-12 Tracks £230.00

The studio

The studio compromises PMC IB1S mastering grade loudspeakers powered by Hypex audiophile amplification. This produces audiophile grade monitoring precision and detail through the entire audio spectrum. The acoustics are exemplary and allow me to hear the reality of your music mixes, nothing added and nothing taken away. Treated with huge “henge” bass trapping the room is flat to 25Hz along with all the usual ceiling cloud, diffusers and side wall absorption. I use a high end analogue rack, including Manley (Massive Passive), Summit Audio, Hand Crafted Labs and a Sontec clone.

In addition, all the new digital software tools are regularly auditioned and updated. I use Crane Song Solaris Quantum conversion. It has the lowest jitter clocking of any DAC ever manufactured and produces accurate and detailed tone, image and transients. The studio is super high end and operated by an engineer with true jazz credentials. Mastering Jazz music benefits from a musical and audiophile approach and an engineer with long term, real world professional experience.

The acoustics in the room are flat down to 25Hz and I have 22 years of professional audio engineering and listening experience.

Mastering jazz music takes an experienced ear using a high end monitoring environment. I will work with your music with respect and care, gently adjusting tone and dynamics to ensure your recordings work well with each other in sequence on your EP or album. Mastering jazz with myself will ensure the best possible sound presentation across all playback systems. I will ensure your music is click and defect free before release. I can of course embed sub code data such a ISR codes. (ISRC)

Mastering jazz allows me to take your music to its full sonic potential. I appreciate the musicianship and skill involved in playing jazz music and as such have developed a respectful and considered approach to this advanced style of music. I can master jazz music for all major streaming services and for CD releases.

My rates are extremely competitive and my work ethic is serious and without compromise.

Current rates no tax added:

1 Track : £30.00

4 Track EP : £112.00

10 to 12 Track album £230.00 / DDPi £35.00

Full pricing details on this page:

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I will require a minimum of 24 bit mixes at the sample rate of your DAW mixing session as a .wav or .aiff file. Please leave some silent intro/outro handles at the start and end of the mix files. Please advise if count-ins are to be left in place or removed. Please provide an intended track running order and ISRC if required. I will request further project details when payment has been made and the job has commenced. (payment schedules all jobs) Mastering revisions are of course included free, within reason.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me today for mastering jazz music :

Barry : 0044 (0) 7810271371

Email : safeandsound123 at (at being @ and no gaps)

I look forwards to working with you mastering jazz music.

Highly experienced, top level jazz mastering, low prices and zero sonic compromise.