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Mastering Folk Music

Welcome to this page for mastering folk music. Folk music has a rich history of story telling, connection to the land, mystique and beauty. As a sound engineer I have recorded a lot of acoustic music and vocals including folk music and Americana styles both direct to stereo and multi track. I understand the recording, mix and production process from start to finish. Allow me to exceed your expectations.

Example rates : 1 T £30.00 | 4T EP £112.00 | Album £230.00 (10-12 tracks) no tax added

As a mastering engineer I have a 13 years of experience and 10 as a professional sound engineer that worked daily at an audio production company in London.

Mastering folk music generally needs a gentle touch, I will work with your folk music tracks with respect and a gentle approach with regards dynamics. Transparent volume increases are of course possible respecting the integrity of the musicianship, instrumentation and vocals. If requested you can have a free mix appraisal inclusive in the price of mastering. I will also include an instrumental version of your tracks free of charge if required.

A Short video on mastering folk music :

When I am mastering folk music I will be listening to the whole and making tonal, dynamic and possibly stereo width adjustments to ensure that your music reaches its sonic potential when released. As a general guide folk music mastering does not benefit from high perceived volume mastering, this will leave the space and detail in your recordings and mixes. Transparent, reasonable volume increases are possible without detriment to the natural sound and dynamics, of course some gluing can be nice to gently fill and round the sound if deemed required.

My goal when mastering folk music will be to bring out clarity, detail and warmth in your music mixes, multiple small adjustments add up to a whole greater than the sum of parts. Listening in an exceptional room with high end PMC IB1S monitors (large format mastering grade monitors, not small near field speakers) accurate and audiophile grade DAC and amplifier.  In addition I will be listening out carefully for extraneous noises, clicks and edits to ensure your release has a high degree of quality control before release. Mouth/tongue clicks are fairly common in closely mic’ed vocals and they are often fairly audible and exposed in acoustic music.  (there are often no amplified instruments to cover them).I have the tools to remove these along with pops. I am also fully aware of streaming service volume normalization norms.

I will require 24 bit mixes at the sample rate of your DAW session without clipping or limiting on the master output sent via

My rates are highly competitive and the studio is fully acoustically treated and houses high end audio equipment such as PMC IB1S full range high definition monitors, Hypex amplifiers and a high end analogue rack including the Manley Massive Passive, Summit Audio DCL-200 valve compressor, a Sontec clone EQ and a Vari mu valve compressor. DA/AD conversion is taken care of by a Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC (lowest ever published jitter spec) and a Mytek ADC. Experience, great acoustics and high end equipment at unbeatable rates.

You can check my recording and mastering credentials here, I am honoured to have recorded some well known folk musicians.

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