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Mastering Classical Music

Welcome to the mastering classical music page by Barry Gardner.

My name is Barry Gardner and I have 23 years of audio engineering experience. 13 dedicated to solely mastering audio for a living, for online release, CD and vinyl.

Short form Biog : Formerly head of engineering of the largest audio production company in London, Somethin Else’ Ltd. and I received 3 years training from a former BBC studio manager and have mixed thousands of hours of BBC radio programming. In addition, I learnt how to record music for a multitude of commercial and BBC radio networks (including BBC Radio 3  – Jazz on 3).

Full biog on this page:

Mastering classical music is about retaining dynamics, producing euphony, making perceptual sense of each piece in a flow with the correct volume relative to instrumentation and spacing. Enhancement of the music (tonality, width, depth, sense of scale ) and ensuring the end results are defect free. (removal of clicks and glitches from the audio) and of course compiling a DDP for any CD release.

Example rates for mastering classical music :

1 Track £30.00 | 4T EP £120.00 | 12 Track album £230.00 | DDP for CD £35.00

I use audiophile grade equipment in the studio to master classical and orchestral music which is as good or better than any other studio for mastering classical music. PMC IB1S large format speakers that are flat in room to 25Hz. My room has exceptional acoustics that present the sonic reality held within a recording. The studio houses what is arguably the best DAC that exists in the world (Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC) which has one of the worlds lowest jitter specifications. It presents transients, details and full frequency response clarity and and with accuracy. I use 1 Kilowatt of Hypex audiophile amplification for accurate presentation of high headroom, super low distortion, large scale dynamic swings.

The studio has a high end analogue rack including a Manley Massive Passive valve equalizer and a very extensive software suite including the official revered Sontec 432 mastering equalizer equalizer.

As budgets are sadly being reduced for classical music recording, mixing and production I am able to offer some of the lowest rates for mastering classical music in the industry without compromising on sound quality and presentation of end results.

Whether you are a church choir, church organist, a quartet, sextet, string section, theatre production or have a full orchestral release I can master it and bring the recording to its ultimate sonic potential. For an incredible rate along with musically sensible or meditative spacing. I am also comfortable with mastering Asian / Indian classical music. I offer a reliable, trustworthy, orchestral music mastering service at a superb rate.

Mastering engineer clients

What do I require ?

  1. 24 bit music files at the sample rate of the DAW session ideally delivered using
  2. An intended track/movement/recital/piece running order
  3. ISR Codes (ISRC) if you plan to use them
  4. Track names | Artist/performer names per track | Release title
  5. Please let me know your required file format (standard delivery is 16bit 44.1kHz)

That is sufficient to start the project. Payment is made in advance by Paypal on this page:

My email is : safeandsound123  at (at being @ with no gaps)

My telephone number is 00 44 (0) 7810271371 (UK mobile/cell)

You will receive a set of wav file masters (16bit / 44.1kHz) being my standard delivery format for approval, please ask for other file formats and their reasonable pricing for a secondary set.)

Allow me to exceed your sonic and service expectations at production budget friendly prices.

Do not hesitate to get in contact today .

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