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Mastering Rock Music

Mastering Rock Music

If you are looking for a studio for mastering rock music you have come to the right website !

The mastering studio is operated by myself mastering engineer Barry Gardner  – I have 23 years pro engineering experience and have worked with world class artistss. I use some of the highest quality equipment available. PMC IB1S (3 way down to 25Hz) in a fully treated room – Crane Song Quantum DAC – High end analogue rack – ear selected plug ins. The studio is professionally set up for mastering rock music and across the site you will see the high end equipment used. (Avoid studios that do not show their equipment or room.) Whether you are a classic rock band, blues rock, folk rock, heavy metal, grunge, alt country, prog rock, shoe gaze, psychedelic rock, indie or punk or industrial/gothic band I can help you achieve a full sounding and balanced set of rock and roll masters. I can take your rock music to its highest sonic potential.

Example rates no tax added :

Album rate 10 to 12 tracks £230.00
Single Track £30.00 | 2 Tracks £60.00 | 4 Tracks E.P £112.00

Here is a short video about my approach to mastering rock music and shows high end mastering equipment and room :

Click this link for price list for mastering

mastering rock music equipment High end equipment for mastering rock music

PMC IB1S full range professional monitors (10 inch woofer – 3 way speaker for mastering)
Analogue rack including Manley Massive Passive, Vari Mu and analogue equalizers and compressors.

Crane Song Solaris DAC (mastering monitoring sound card) Lowest jitter spec in existence !

Fully treated acoustics that are flat to 25Hz. (28 x huge “henge” bass traps for flat response)

Ear selected plug in suite for precise remedial corrections

A total of 23 years of pro audio engineering experience. (10 full time solely mastering)

Engineer experience:

In my career as a sound engineer I have recorded a lot of live music, both in the studio direct to stereo (in one of the U.K. largest audio production companies) and multi tracked and at times live in venues. So I know how to record a rock band from mic placement to mixing (although for 13 years I have dedicated to mastering) using all the standard mics (57’s/421’s/441’s/RE20/81’s/i5/RE20/D112 etc.) on guitar and bass rigs, micing drum kits and getting strong rock vocals, providing headphone monitoring mixes and getting that punchy rock sound everyone loves.

I have been working soley as a mastering engineer for 13 years and can ensure that your rock music release will translate well. Whether it is mastering rock music for a cd for gig sales, for general release on Bandcamp or for streaming platforms, I can get the right sound for you.

Barry Gardner Full audio engineering biog

Free mix appraisal if requested

In addition I can provide a free inclusive mix appraisal when requested. So you can get valuable feedback on your mixes before I proceed and get a chance to tweak and correct any major issues that might get in the way best results. (Example feedback : vocals are a little sibilant, snare 1 or 2dB too loud, bass guitar seems a little buried in the mix, kick drum seems a little low in the mix, hi hats and cymbals a little harsh in upper mid range.)

Mastering rock music, especially for an album requires detailed listening and an exemplary monitoring environment in order to bring a rock E.P. or rock album together as a product.  For mastering rock music I use large format highly detailed PMC IB1S loudspeakers powered by 1KW of audiophile grade Hypex amplification. The acoustic response is flat through the entire spectrum by the use of many (28) very large Rockwool and Knauf bass traps. In addition there is diffusors ensuring a balanced mid and high frequency response.The  ultimate goal being a clear punchy sound that translates well to as many sound systems as possible, clarity without harshness, punch without ear fatigue and most of all letting the rock music spirit come through loud and clear. So if you are a pub band that is going places, a gigging band with their own material or an established artist touring and you need your rock music mastering then get in contact today.

Sensible advice : Bands, Do not get your rock music mastered by your mix engineer, producer or recording engineer. My mastering will give all important objectivity, my dedicated mastering specific listening experience, the use of ultra high end mastering based equipment, (I show my PMC IB1S mastering monitors, the real deal, many show no gear), including a very highly treated and accurate room. And it may well cost more than myself.

Contact Barry Gardner :

Tel : 0044 (0)7810271371

Email : safeandsound123 at (replace at with @)

Pre mastering requirements:

The ideal is 24 bit .wav files or .aiff files at the sample rate of your DAW project/session which can be delivered to me using

If you require a mastering rock music mix appraisal/mix feedback please just ask when you enquire. And of course when I mention rock music, I mean of course soft rock mastering, hard rock mastering, alt country mastering and heavy metal mastering and all styles in between.