Mastering as usual in unusual times

Published On: March 23,2020

I sincerely hope old and new clients are keeping safe and well around the globe. (everyone in fact) In these unprecedented and concerning times I can say that my mastering services are operating as normal. Everything is the same, you can send your music using and payments can be made as per normal on […]

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Analysis for a louder music mix

Published On: September 28,2019

I am aware that some music producers still want their music masters to be loud, this is still a reasonable request especially in the harder dance music genres such as D&B, Psy breaks, Dubstep, EDM, Dubstep derivatives, Trap and Psy trance. (House, techno, trance, ambient, electronic synth music, synthwave does not typically adhere to the […]

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Psy trance kick and bass

Published On: August 28,2019

Psy trance kick and bass is quite a phenomena, it is the fundamental back bone of this highly technical dance music. Simply stated it comprises 2 parts, the kick is normally just a sine wave downward pitch swept and 3 x 16th note low pass filtered saw wave pulses. (the kick and/or bass notes may […]

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Concise mastering facts

Published On: August 14,2019

Concise and direct to the point mastering information about my services and what I require from you. My credentials, gear and service details: 1T £30.00 4T EP £90.00 Album up to 12 Tracks £210.00 (DDP in all cases £25.00) 20 years professional (verifiable) audio engineering experience. 10 years working as head of engineering at large […]

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Automated AI Mastering

Published On: August 12,2019

Musicians would have to have lived in a cave to not have seen the AI mastering/automated mastering bandwagon of recent years. AI mastering or automated mastering. It is almost impossible to investigate mastering services and not come across some of these AI mastering services. As a sound engineer I have 20 years of professional audio […]

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Dedicated to mastering

Published On: August 05,2019

In modern times musicians have all sorts of great tools for producing their music. The beauty of making music at home or in a project studio is that it offers a non deadline situation to tweak your mixes to get them as possible to how you want it to sound. However many musicians who have […]

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Music library mastering and record label mastering

Published On: September 27,2018

Reduced price record label mastering or music library mastering making your music industry operation more profitable without sonic compromises. Fast facts: 20 years pro audio engineering experience – 10 years dedicated to mastering audio – 3 years training from BBC studio manager – 7 years as head engineer in UK’s largest audio production company. 1 […]

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Crane Song Solaris Review

Published On: July 26,2018

  In the mastering studio I have recently installed a Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC (currently it has the lowest published jitter of any DAC in existence) and thought it would be good to write a review, a rather glowing review in fact. I have long been using a Benchmark DAC-1 HD-R and it has […]

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Mix appraisal and mix advice (pre mastering)

Published On: March 06,2018

Mix appraisal and advice is a service I have been providing at SafeandSound Mastering for 9 years. Prior to becoming a mastering engineer I used to professionally record music sessions amongst other sound engineering work. (electronic, acoustic and amped – along with radio/sound to picture dubbing as head engineer of the UK’s largest audio production […]

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Cheap acoustic treatment for mixing

Published On: December 19,2017

It’s about time there was decent content about acoustic treatment that will make a huge impact on your skills and finished product as a music producer/mixer. This will be a direct, no waffle, uncomplicated explanation of how to make big accuracy improvements across the sonic spectrum in your room. Most people producing music think nothing […]

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Mastering for streaming

Published On: June 17,2017

Mastering for streaming services, article Updated for March 2020 : I thought it was a good time to put pen to paper so to speak and write a blog entry about mastering for streaming music in 2020 amongst other musings. Mastering for streaming covers services such as Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Apple Music (iTunes with […]

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DDP for Red Book CD explained

Published On: March 17,2017

    DDP in place of CD-R pre-master discs :   For those planning a CD release of their music this article will explain what a DDP is. DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol, it is a file format which specifies the audio and data content of a CD or CD-R in place of an […]

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Audio related PC upgrades

Published On: March 06,2017

Audio related PC upgrades   This blog entry is a little different from those I would normally post up that would have a direct relationship to recording, mixing or mastering. This one is going to be about computer replacement and hardware/software upgrades. I have commenced some computer upgrades in the studio and office and it is […]

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Making loud music mixes

Published On: January 15,2016

  This is an article about loudness, making louder mixes and mixes that will go louder in mastering. Whilst volume normalization systems (which balance out the differences in volume between tracks) are being introduced across music media platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube perceived volume continues to be a very common topic of discussion. […]

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Volume normalization and perceived volume in mastering

Published On: March 26,2015

  Volume normalization is a digital media outlets way of trying to minimize the volume differences between millions of audio uploads. Each media outlet (streaming service, digital music platform and in some cases media players) uses their own slightly different standard to manipulate volumes upwards or downwards in order to even out the difference for […]

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A guide to music release formats

Published On: October 18,2014

      Digital distribution of music online means there are numerous file types and formats to be aware of, we are going to take a look at both digital and analogue formats, the resultant files and some good practice when finalizing and exporting your music tracks.     A very prudent move is to […]

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Choosing production sound sources

Published On: June 24,2014

Being a mastering engineer means I hear a lot of music, sometimes I can identify sound sources (or a collection/interaction of sources) that have sonic problems which cannot be resolved in the mix without complete replacement. As such I have understood the need for an entry which provides clear advice for consideration when choosing  sound […]

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ISRC code in wav files

Published On: May 19,2014

  New development for embedding ISRC codes in .wav files During mastering and creation of a CD-R master disk or DDPi (Disk Description Protocol image file set) a mastering engineer has been able to insert an ISRC code on a per track basis in the Red Book CD sub code data. An ISRC code is […]

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Mastering for radio

Published On: April 03,2014

This topic will cover mastering for radio broadcasts and ask what a “radio ready” master is ? Mastering for radio may mean specific tweaks on the end results that may not strictly be appropriate for other purposes. The goal of mastering is to provide a master which translates well. This goal has become more complex […]

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Audio mastering samples

Published On: March 15,2014

Please note these examples are 8 years old as of 2019. This blog post will be to highlight a video I have just uploaded with some of the great music that has been mastered by myself here at SafeandSound Mastering. A full range of styles, 28 tracks in total approx 30 seconds each in a […]

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Using a reference track when mixing

Published On: February 26,2014

As we all know mixing is hard work and a very skilled activity in the realms of music production. Mixing music successfully (and choosing quality sound sources) relies on accurate monitoring, many problems for the beginner will vanish overnight if what you hear from your speakers is truly representative of the audio you are mixing.  […]

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Elysia XFilter review

Published On: February 08,2014

Elysia XFilter rack review in context of audio mastering Equalization is very important in mastering music, as such I have added another high end equalizer to the rack, extending tonal control possibilities. I present to you the Elysia XFilter rack. Elysia is a German audio electronics and software developer most well known for their high […]

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Most common mix down format for mastering

Published On: February 05,2014

As a new music producer you will have quite a learning curve to understand all the new compositional tools and audio processing that is available to you including, audio recording, sequencing MIDI and soft synths, mix balancing, equalization, dynamic control etc. so mastering may not be at the forefront of your mind. This is understandable […]

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Audio mastering explained

Published On: December 20,2013

Audio mastering – a comprehensive explanation  Audio mastering is often misunderstood, however as a mastering engineer I can explain what mastering is and why it is important. First I shall start by explaining the goals of audio mastering which typically works with a stereo interleaved audio mix down file. (ideally of at least 24 bit […]

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MANLEY Massive Passive Review

Published On: December 05,2013

  At SafeandSound Mastering I have been using the Manley Massive Passive for more than a year now. It is an equalizer that has seen a lot of usage ! The Massive Passive is as its name implies an equalizer that utilizes passive electronic components. Passive components do not require an electric signal to energize […]

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Audio mastering with the Benchmark DAC-1 HDR

Published On: November 24,2013

(DAC now replaced and updated by a superior Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC) A short and sweet entry here today, I have just installed a Benchmark DAC-1 HDR here and it is already producing sublime sound. An unassuming plain looking aluminium box that has design money spent where it counts, superb audiophile grade electronics. The […]

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The difference between mono and stereo

Published On: October 07,2013

Determining the difference between mono and stereo is an audio engineering skill that even some very capable producers can get confused with from time to time. So this is a short and sweet entry to clear up the differences. The word stereo is derived from stereophony, stereo is an acoustic illusion of space and depth […]

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Analogue mastering, the benefits for audio

Published On: September 30,2013

Analogue equipment was the forerunner to digital in the recording industry, studios were built on mixing consoles, tape machines, high end rack mounted outboard equalizers and compressor, miles of cabling and produced very high quality recordings before the advent of the digital audio workstation. I often see forum posts about mastering with plug ins only […]

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Mixing a music track

Published On: August 07,2013

Mixing a music track is not an easy task for a beginner there are multiple concepts to understand and this article will broadly explain what will be required to produce a competent mix down. We will focus on the use of a digital audio workstation  (A sequencer such as Pro Tools, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Logic, […]

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Stereo width when mixing music

Published On: June 04,2013

    This is an abridged version of a lengthy article I wrote about stereo width and the mono compatibility of music mixes. Producing a mix that is mono compatible is quite important. You may think in this day and age that it is less important because all sound systems and radio are in stereo […]

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Best mastering

Published On: May 16,2013

So you are looking for the best mastering (or best mastering plug in) For advice on choosing the best mastering read on and for the best mastering plug ins read this: This entry is for people who are unsure of exactly what factors to look for when choosing a mastering studio. There are a […]

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Mastering plug ins, they are not the process of mastering.

Published On: April 23,2013

    This is a short explanation about mastering for those who may have recently started producing and recording music who maybe looking for the best mastering plug ins.   If you believed everything you read on music production forums and adverts from software developers it would be easy to think that mastering is a […]

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Bass mastering for modern music genres

Published On: April 02,2013

Sound System picture courtesy of Yaniq Walford (Creative Commons) Bass mastering is something that is discussed online from time to time and provokes a lot of interest, this is highly likely because getting the bass frequencies to sit right in your music can be a challenge for many engineers, musicians and producers across the globe. […]

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Perceived volume and mastering processes

Published On: March 20,2013

As a mastering engineer I work with music that requires a full dynamic range and also music that has very little dynamic range. This often relates to the perceived volume of a track. Once in a while I will master a music track and the client will be very satisfied with the end results except […]

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What is mastering ?

Published On: March 14,2013

  Firstly I would like to welcome your visit to the new site and integrated blog, the goal of which is to write some useful articles on various music industry and music technology topics and share information. The first post is “What is mastering?”. Mastering can be different things to different people and therefore I […]

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