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Mastering ambient music

If you are looking for mastering ambient music you have come to the right website, whether your music is spiritual, lush synth pad based, ambient dub, acoustic world music, experimental, soundscape, psychedelic, cinematic, downtempo chill out, inspired by a love of nature, laid back lounge, meditational, devotional, melodic, your own presentation of a sonic space with sense of magic and depth, or an ambient version of another music genre I can bring your tracks to their full potential.

Just £30.00 for a single track, a 4T EP for £112.00 and an album for £230.00 ( 10 – 12 tracks) no tax added. Unbeatable quality, unbeatable rates.

Carpe Sonum Records : ” Your golden ear and attention to detail really came through in the mastering of Die Welt ist Klang (Pete Namlook tribute album). Given the size of this project (8 CDs), I had the pleasure of working with you over a period of months, and your patience, diligence and professionalism were unparalleled. You routinely exceeded my expectations, even when my decisions resulted in extra work on your part. “Good enough” is clearly not in your vocabulary ! ”

Mastering ambient music needs an ear that knows what to listen out for, commonly comprised of lush synth pads and textures or granular elements its composition is often rather different from other music forms. In some regards mastering ambient music can be a little more close to classical music than other genres. Ambient music can be with or without gentle percussive and rhythmic elements and of course there can be subtle rhythms and natural soundscapes within. The largest ambient music project I have mastered was for Carpe Sonum records, a tribute for the late ambient pioneer Pete Namlook – Die Welt ist Klang was an 8 CD ambient project. Recent clients : All India Radio band, rozz3r (Rory Dow), Of1000faces, Voltij, amongstmyselves, DarranJHarris and many others.

  Die Welt Ist Klang – Pete Namlook Tribute CD box set

Here is a short video about mastering ambient music with a tour of the studio :

As an engineer with 23 years of experience, 10 of which was from working as a professional sound engineer in London and 12 operating the dedicated mastering studio here I have the experience to master your ambient music to its full potential. (beware the “do it all” mixing and mastering services, mastering is a specialist service. Doubly so when the studio does not show their high end monitoring.)

The studio is fully acoustically treated and I use large format PMC IB1S full range mastering grade monitors powered by Hypex amplifiers. Your music will be presented with great accuracy and allow me to make equalization, dynamic and stereo image adjustments to ensure that it translates as well as possible and communicates the feel and emotion of the music to the listener.

Mastering ambient music needs a holistic approach, more than just a technical approach, as well as emotional sensitivity, musical and sonic presentation I have high quality control to ensure that the music is glitch and click free before its release. I will listen and make adjustments to ensure the music translates as well as possible across all sound systems.

My pricing is unbeatable for the experience, acoustics and quality of equipment used.

Just £30.00 for a single track, a 4T EP for £112.00 and an album for £230.00 ( 10 – 12 tracks) no tax added

The studio uses a Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC which has the lowest jitter spec of any DAC currently available its sonic presentation is accurate, detailed and defined, in a word sublime. ADC by Mytek. An analogue chain that includes a Manley Massive Passive, Summit Audio DCL-200, Sontec clone equalizer and a Vari mu compressor by HCL Labs. There are 28 henge style bass traps (along with many absorbers and diffusion) that ensure the low end (accurate down to 25Hz) is accurate and defined. This allows me to shape the low end of your ambient music to ensure it is neither too thin or too heavy in the sub bass regions.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me by email or phone for mastering your next ambient music project.


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Mastering ambient music needs a careful approach so the music sounds as good as possible across all playback systems. I require 24 bit mixes without any clipping or limiting at the sample rate of your DAW project.