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Human mastering

Human mastering

Welcome to human mastering by Barry Gardner, serious proposition mastering at an incredible price. And no annoying subscriptions here.

1T £30.00 | 4T EP 112.00 | Album £230.00 No Tax to add.

With 23 years of sound engineering experience (13 dedicated to solely mastering) I will take your music of any genre to its full sonic potential with real human online mastering. Clear, concise information follows :

In a world where there are many automated pseudo mastering services, here you can be assured of all of the positive real human mastering traits which are completely lost in automated mastering, such as :

1) Click and glitch removal. (most tracks have clicks and glitches, often missed and sound very unprofessional if left in, they need spot removal to not affect the rest of the audio.

2) Free mix appraisal inclusive if requested.

3) An actual highly experienced human mastering engineer listening using high end reproduction equipment, an analogue rack and ear selected and applied plug in suite.

4) Sympathetic and musically sensible track gapping and volume balancing post tonal adjustments for EPs and Albums. Middle path tonality for optimal translation across all playback systems based on years of dedicated mastering in the same room.

(PMC IB1S monitors – Crane Song DAC – Hypex amps)

Servers do not listen or hear your music.

My Biog, having worked with world class musicians and mastered 1,000’s of EP’s and albums :

4) Objectivity and measured responses using the finest ear selected tools money can buy from all developers and a high end analogue rack. I use the best tools that money can buy. All ready to be applied to your music to correct, enhance and maximize sonic potential.

5) A human being, doing the job for you instead of you moving GUI controls yourself in your room using your own monitoring. (probably with their flaws in accuracy.) Can you be sure it’s really better ? Mastering can only be as good as the room and monitoring it is performed on. It’s best not to leave that to chance, you have one chance to release your music so make it count with human online mastering.

Weighing 36 Kgs each, using PMC IB1S full range 3 way mastering monitors I hear everything. In room, these professional monitors have provided deep sonic reference for 13 years. A solid unmoving reference on which I rely. Presenting music mixes as they really are. The actual true equipment you need to perform human mastering to a high standard. Flat to 25 Hz in room. Serious proposition human audio mastering is authentic mastering done the traditional way by ears, for ears.

Example rates are as follows, some of the lowest in the industry yet with results competing with human mastering engineers of much higher price points. You simply have to find out for yourself, allow me to exceed your expectations !

No taxes to add 1T £30 | 4T EP £112 | £230 Rates so low you can double check your expensive mastering engineer is doing their job properly ! I am serious about my work and look forwards to working with you, at any level. (you can pay £120.00 a track elsewhere)

Here is my pricing and payment page, there are no subscriptions here, no need to join anything, just pay as you go mastering as it has always been for 13 years :

I require a 24 bit mix down without any clipping or limiting on the master output at the sample rate of your DAW project. Exact headroom is not critical as long as your tracks are not clipping (hitting 0dBFS – red lighting the output) Please send using:


My email is : safeandsound123 at (at being @ without gaps)

Please send an email with some brief project details.

Payment shedules all work and can be made on this page :

Turnaround will typically be 2 working days to 1 week depending on the size of your project and I will reply to your email once I receive it with a friendly turnaround estimate.

My service aims to be the best human mastering for the best possible price.

Allow me to make your music sound better with all the real audible benefits of a human mastering service.

Get in contact today for your next project or bookmark and share this page.