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My rates are low at Safe&Sound Mastering, it is not expensive mastering, currently £30.00 for a single track and £230.00 for an album. I know you can pay €100+ for a single track as an example of expensive mastering and that is not even the Top 10 tier. Price perception is an interesting aspect relating to a professional service.

There is only one way to find out as fact, try me, knowledge is a good thing when it comes to expensive mastering. It is really quite simple, find out what you can get for £30.00 a track. I take the results on your music seriously.

There is no harm in having some well tempered self confidence, after 13 years dedication to mastering music (and 10 years as a employed pro sound engineer) I believe it’s reasonable. As time goes on your start to realize where you sit within the professional realm within which you operate. That may come as a surprise to some, that it has little to do with service pricing.


All the gear and 13 years day in, day out specialization.

This is worth finding out

10 years prior professional full time studio audio engineer experience, 13 solely mastering, high end equipment, fully treated room, I have worked with world class artists and have top end monitoring (PMC IB1S large 3 way monitors – Crane Song Quantum DAC and Hypex amps – analogue rack).

Order mastering now on this page, send 24 bit depth files, no clipping or limiting via wetransfer and drop me an email outlining your project :

The core information I require is if you need a streaming master or a very loud master for a few specific dance music genres.I am happy to proceed with or without a reference when working with new clients after some effective  email dialogue. Let me know if you wish for a mix appraisal which is included in the fee. (applicable when a job is paid for and proceeding)

When we work together, I will present to you what my objectivity on your music suggests to me in a respectful way. With any potential trade offs related to sonic preferences deviating from the “middle path tonal/dynamic translation” for genre, whilst respecting artistic aims.

You can also view multiple videos site wide with myself talking in the studio, I invite you to check them out. (There is one at the bottom of this page)

Biog :

I will also make mention of my popular stem mastering service which allows a more targetted mastering approach (8 stems permitted) for £56.00 full details of which are available on this page:

You can make a payment via paypal on this page in the link below. Thanks for reading, your time and consideration. (Please send tracks using wetransfer and my email is : safeandsound123 at

I require 24 bit depth, non limited and non clipped mixes, .wav is the ideal file format at the sample rate of your DAW mix project/session. Headroom below 0dBFS is not critical as long as they are not clipped. I look forwards to working with you.

Send files using

Barry Gardner

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