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EP Mastering

If you are looking to get your forthcoming EP release mastered you have landed on the right website. SafeandSound offers high end, low cost audio EP mastering for musicians, bands, producers and engineers at all levels. Experienced engineer Barry Gardner will ensure your EP will sound as good as possible. Price example 4T EP £112.00 (Mix appraisal inclusive when requested) The studio has operated successfully for 12 years and 10 + years working in full time professional audio has stood me in good stead for EP mastering. Allow me to exceed your expectations.

Professionally equipped and at your service: Manley Massive Passive, Vari Mu compressor, Sontec custom built mastering equalizer, Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC, MYTEK ADC, Summit Audio DCL-200, PMC IB1S mastering grade reference speakers. Professionally treated room with exacting acoustics. High end i7 workstation PC with Nuendo and loaded with full set of ear selected and updated software.

An EP is an important undertaking for a musician or band, you have worked hard recording, producing and mixing your music and it deserves that final touch from an experienced engineer with the best equipment.

My short video on mastering your EP:

EP mastering requires the finest quality analogue and digital equipment housed within an acoustically optimized environment. I will make sure each track on your EP works perfectly together and as separate tracks in their own right. (revisions within reason are free and inclusive)

Mastering an EP (extended play) is an economic way to get your music mastered as you get a very reasonable quantity discount applied compared with working with one single track. This discount is applicable because once the equipment is set up and I am focused on work time is saved compared with setting up the project multiple times.

Mastering engineer and clients list

EP mastering prices no tax added:

  1. 3 Track EP £90.00
  2. 4 Track EP £112.00
  3. 5 Track EP £130.00

DDPi is £35.00 CD-R’s are created using Plextor PX-716SA using Taiyo Uden CD-R and fully error tested/manually listened to.

EP Mastering preparation tips:

  1. Ensure you bounce your tracks at 24 bit depth or above.
  2. Do not bounce your music tracks with a limiter on the stereo master bus.
  3. Do not clip the master bus when exporting your tracks. (leave headroom)
  4. Leave a little lead in and lead out time when setting DAW time line locators.
  5. Upload your files using or any other file transfer service.

Typical turnaround for EP mastering is 5 working days, though this can vary depending on how busy the studio is when files are delivered, paid for and scheduled. Competent with all musical styles, rock, D&B, dubstep, folk, electronic, punk, reggae, bhangra, metal, house, techno, trance, psy trance, acoustic and everything in between.

Check out the FAQ page for full lots of detailed information on EP mastering:

Pricing and payments can be made on this page:

Finalizing your EP at SafeandSound will help your music translate, assist you with any mix issues (mix appraisal free if required), provide enhancement, correction and quality control all at a great EP mastering rate. Do not hesitate to get in contact today:

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