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Compilation mastering

If you are looking for cost effective yet high end compilation mastering you have come to the right website. 12T compilation Album £230.00

Compilation mastering is a real test of a mastering engineers skill. Ensuring that a potentially disparate set of music tracks end up working as a final compilation product requires both compilation mastering knowledge and high quality equipment.

Mastering a compilation could be for a number of reasons, it may be a film soundtrack with music tracks from different eras, a magazine cover CD mastering, an anthology or it may be a compilation of tracks all from a single genre or multiple genres. As compilation mastering can cover a wide range of release types you need a mastering engineer who can deal with multiple audio formats, sample rates, unmastered tracks, previously mastered tracks and bring all the music together as a new balanced music compilation product.

A short video about compilation mastering:

I have more than 20 years of professional audio engineering experience. Notably 7 years as the head of one of the UK’s largest audio production companies and 12 years as a mastering engineer. Using top end mastering equipment that industry professionals expect to see I will ensure that your compilation product (CD, download or streaming) sounds as good as it can and works as a consistent final product that represents your goals.

Mastering biog and career history is here:

For compilation mastering I use large size PMC IB1S high end monitors (not small speakers) in a precision optimised acoustic, Crane Song and Mytek converters and a high end rack of analogue equipment that includes the Manley Massive Passive hardware, a Vari Mu compressor and custom built analogue eq. In addition, for surgical eq, compression and M/S stereo image processing I have a state of the art, ear selected plug in suite. I can master for CD, streaming and download options.

My rate for a 10-12 track music compilation is a mere £230.00 (+ £35.00 for DDP for CD release) and can be paid for here using Paypal:

You will experience professionalism, great sonic results, clear and polite communications and as the sole mastering engineer in the studio, dedicated personal and responsible service.

Compilation mastering technical information:

For mastering a music compilation I appreciate it is not always possible to obtain the optimal file formats from many different sources. As such you may be in receipt of MP3’s, wavs, aiffs, some mastered files, some unmastered files and everything in between.

In the first instance if there is a chance of obtaining unmastered 24 bit mixes of the music please do so. Secondly if there is a chance of obtaining 16 bit mastered files over and above MP3 files please do so. If this is not possible it is not a problem but the ideal  (uncompressed) .wav or .aiff file formats to be delivered are preferred. I will also require track running order and ISRC codes if required. Once in contact I will request various basic information in order to commence the job.

A compilation album typically takes around 1 week to complete, this may take a little less time or slightly longer depending on busyness of the studio. I can give you a clear idea of how long the compilation mastering will take once you are in contact with me.

If you have any questions about your compilation please do not hesitate to get in contact:

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