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Pricing and payment | Mastering costs

Scroll down for Paypal payment buttons. Low cost mastering but zero compromise on quality. Room acoustics, equipment and 13 years dedicated mastering experience. (10 years prior experience as fully employed audio engineer in London production company) Serious mastering , full range monitoring. Revisions free, one price for all, no second class rates here.


1 Track £30.00 / 4 Tracks £112.00 / Album £230.00 ( 10-12 tracks)

(At this time Jan 2024 £30.00 = €34 approx or US$ 37.00)

High end analogue equipment, PMC IB1S (10 inch drivers with Hypex Class D audiophile amps) Massive Passive, Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC, Mytek ADC, Vari Mu, Summit Audio, PMC IB1S, Sontec clone EQ,  Regularly updated ear selected plug in suite.

Euro pricing is approximate and you will be charged in Sterling by Paypal.

Payment for cd mastering services can be made by Paypal in some instances bank transfer. Scroll to bottom of page for short Youtube video showing studio and explaining mastering.

Album cd mastering 10 to 12 tracks £230.00 !!! (+ DDPi = £35.00) Approx €263 + DDPi Fees

Stem mastering £56.00 per track (up to 8 stems/groups)

Creation of a DDPi file is £35.00

2 x CD-R Pre Master error checked and includes special delivery £65.00 (Most cd duplication/ replication plants accept DDPi (£35.00) a digital master format that contains all details of a Red Book cd)

Please enquire for a great rate on audio/cd mastering more than 12 tracks.

Please do not pay for multiple tracks if you do not have multiples of tracks to master in 1 delivery. Discounts are applicable only when you are sending multiple tracks for mastering at the same time. (i.e. you cannot pay for 3 tracks and send one a month in succession.)

Use Paypal buttons below to make payment for cheap mastering. After 5 tracks, the following rates apply 6T £150.00 / 7T £170.00 /8T £190.00 / 9T £210.00 / 10-12T Album £230.00 – please send payment using Paypal using email safeandsound123 at (at being @ – Not Please email for confirmation of price if required.

1 track mastered and electronically delivered £30.00
2 tracks mastered and electronically delivered £60.00
3 tracks mastered and electronically delivered £90.00
4 tracks mastered and electronically delivered £112.00
5 tracks mastered + electronically delivered £130.00
Stem mastering (grouped instrumentation) £56.00
£265.00 (Up to) 12 track album mastering inc. Master DDPi (with client pc/mac player for auditioning)
£230.00 album mastering 10-12 Tracks – online delivery – no CD-R master disks or DDPi
£0.00 Custom client payment.
1 x DDP Image £35.00
2 x Master CD-R’s £65.00 (incl special delivery)
High Speed Mastering £50.00
Secondary Master (please discuss if required) – £15.00

Cheap mastering services contact :

Barry 0(zero)7810271371
Email to (at is an @ symbol) for cheap mastering.

Video about cheap mastering: