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DJ Dirty Law (Paris) ” Thanks for this mastering, I’ve been playing it all week on Funktion1 system, sounds really nice, thanks !! “


PMC IB1S (10 inch drivers to 25Hz) large format mastering grade speakers (not near fields), Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC (lowest ever published jitter spec), Manley Massive Passive, Vari Mu, Sontec Analogue eq, Summit Audio Compressor, Mytek ADC, ear selected plug ins. When it comes to mastering psy trance and trance I know how this music is meant to sound on a huge crystal clear P.A. system. Using truly mastering grade room acoustics and speakers it is time to hear the difference I can make for your tracks when they hit the dance floor.


Mastering a 4 Track E.P = £90.00 | 1 Track = £30.00


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Trance music has a rich history since the early-mid 1990’s an up tempo music form which is both unique and influential. Mastering trance music is best performed in an highly accurate and controlled monitoring environment. Large scale loudspeakers with defined and deep bass response in a well treated acoustic environment is ideal. It is important to know your music will sound right at the festival, party or club. Mastering worthy reference speakers which can reproduce the full frequency range and highlight distortion and harshness early gives music the best chance of translating well to club systems and all other environments. Small speakers will not cut it for mastering, check your engineer uses better equipment than you already own yourself !


Mastering trance/psy trance also requires a mastering engineer who is sympathetic to the genre of dance music as a whole and also understands that trance music is not “preset” music. I take the challenge of mastering trance and psy personally it’s a style I enjoy working with knowing the harmonically rich mixes involved require special attention, along with the huge importance of your kick and bass. With variations on highly commercial sounds and underground styles mastering trance and its variants, be it commercial, vocal trance, euphoric, psy trance (Forest, Dark psy, Full On or Progressive, Hi Tec, Goa, Psy chill, Psy breaks, Psybient) requires someone who has an understanding of the goals of this music.


Professionals mastering trance music (and mastering psy trance music) will utilize a combination of tools in order to get the last drop of quality out of the music. Typically high end analogue equalization to promote depth and space in a mix down, high end compression, the creme de la creme of digital tools and superb fidelity reproduction systems. Trance can get harsh if the upper mid range is not carefully examined and in balance with the rest of the spectrum, a good trance mastering engineer will perfect the right tonal balance. In addition, typically you want competitive volume, this can be discussed and the right choices made for your music so it is the perfect compromise between volume and fidelity.


It is important when mastering for club based systems that the full audio range is heard down to the deepest lows. This is so any adjustments and corrections to the all important bass frequencies can be made. It is easy to miss common problems in the lower frequencies when attempting to self finalize music destined for club systems and radio transmission. Get it wrong and the results will be bad sounding club “play outs”, festivals, parties and broadcasts. Synthesizer heavy trance music requires a keen ear to master successfully. If you are considering mastering trance music, drop me a line or by all means call to discuss your project and requirements.


Your music will be processed using a combination of the following equipment:


PMC IB1S monitors  /  Crane Song Solaris Quantum DAC / MYTEK ADC
MANLEY Massive Passive (Hardware not UAD)
HCL VaRiS (Vari Mu Valve compressor)
Summit Audio DCL-200 Valve compressor
Custom built T-Filter equalizer (Sontec inspired circuit), stereo ganged.
Dynaudio BM6P and Auratone secondary monitors
The finest ear selected DSP (software) money can buy.

Studio operating for 8 years without equipment being moved, housed in a very well treated room, for repeatable results. 14 huge henge style bass traps and diffusors. Very serious bass trapping.


Just send your track via  Standard pricing 1 Track £30.00, for full details on pricing please see “Pricing and payments” on the menu bar.