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Welcome to SafeandSound audio mastering based in London, UK, we offer low cost, professional online audio mastering, quality customer service and attention to detail. We show our room, equipment, loudspeakers and engineering experience throughout the site, make a wise choice and avoid those who don’t.


We can improve the quality of your music before it is released using our skill and high end equipment. Engineer Barry Gardner is highly experienced and has recorded many world famous artists in his full time audio engineering career including: Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), Lemar, Craig David, The Rumblestrips, The Coral, The Hoosiers, Chick Corea, Kano, MC Skepta, Avishai Cohen, Incognito, Martha Tilsden, Still Remains, Terry Callier, Amp Fiddler, Billy Cobham, Marshall Allen and SunRa’s Arkestra.


We use high end analogue equipment from MANLEY (Massive Passive), PMC IB1S, Summit Audio, Vari Mu compressor from HCL, Elysia -  analogue equalizer Class A, Sontec style custom equalization, BENCHMARK DAC1 HDR. Experience and equipment counts.


The audio mastering service has been operating successfully for 5 years and has a continually growing global client base which includes record labels, independent artists, producers and professional audio facilities. Our studio is dedicated to mastering audio and it is not a side line to mixing or other services, our sole income is derived from audio mastering work. This website has a wealth of information about cd mastering so please have a good look around.


Extensive clients list and testimonials

Mastering frequently asked questions (an informative read)


Audio mastering prices (No VAT to add):

    1. Track £30.00
    2. Tracks £50.00
    3. Tracks £70.00
    4. Tracks £85.00

Album up to 15 tracks £210.00

Working from stems £45.00 per track (up to 8 stems)

For all pricing details please see cd mastering prices and payments page.


The audio mastering studio is extremely well acoustically treated with full ceiling to floor bass traps, ceiling cloud, side wall absorbers and diffusers. The room is neutral and allows all musical details to be heard. We are at ease working with all musical genres including, acoustic, dubstep, electropop, drum and bass, metal, hiphop, punk, rock, trance, house, ambient, electronic, pop and experimental.


We offer a free preview to new clients (time permitting) and accept paypal payments on our pricing and payments page using easy to use Paypal buttons. Once you have read the frequently asked questions page you can send your tracks using an online file transfer service like to (at being@)


Recent clients :


Symon James: ” My Album project really needed to be taken to the next level. Having searched online I found Barry’s cd mastering, Barry not only knows his craft but clearly has a natural ability and talent for his work.”


Robin Beck (USA), Stones Throw Records (UK). Ellie Lawson, Larry Stabbins, Nimrod Productions, Unstoppable Music Group,The Old Smithy Recording Studio, ZY Records (Tenny Ten, Twissman), Planet Magnetic (MPL Music Publishing run by Paul McCartney), The Soul Immigrants, Arcadion (DC Records), Coco Solid, D-Star (Jason Derulo remixes/Warner Brothers), San Remo Records Ltd. (Scott Matthews), Rishi Rich productions, Digital Sanctuary, Cascade Records, Astro:Dynamics , Liquid Drumz, Our-Dubs, Tip Records, Magnitizdat, Sham One and Only, Brigitte Aphrodite, Public Service Broadcasting, Strawbear, Official SK Records, Randolph Matthews, Emporer Ha ha, Sancho Panzer, Blast Films, The Straylings, Dee C’rell, MachineMakesNoise, 1224 Project….. full clients list on cd mastering studio and clients page.


By Barry Gardner